Extensive research has proven that babies usually wake during the night because they are uncomfortable because they are either too hot, too cold or tangled in their bedcovers.

Most families try to develop a regular bedtime routine; this usually happens in the early evening. Following a fun bath, goodnight feed and story, the traditional way is to tuck baby in their cot with either sheets and blankets or duvets.

At this time of the day the nursery is still warm in the summertime and in the winter the heating is keeping the house and nursery cosy and comfortable.

Like the rest of us, when asleep babies move, kick, wriggle and turn; if too warm and uncomfortable they become distressed and inevitably begin to either kick off or slip further down the blankets or duvet……they cry with frustration!

 Of course Mum or Dad soon come to the rescue, pick baby up and calm the situation with a nappy change, another feed and a reassuring cuddle before tucking baby back into bed………..and so the routine starts all over again!  

During the night when Mum and Dad are now catching up on their well-earned rest; the sun has now gone and the heating is off; baby moves, wriggles and kicks off the bedcovers and now becomes too cool!

Very tired and anxious Mum or Dad goes through the same old routine making sure baby is well covered……….an hour or two later the same problem ensues!

The answer is simple – BABY SLEEP BAGS!

Kiddy Kaboosh sleeping bags are designed to ‘enclose’ your baby in their own pod or sack. The design of the bag allows baby to move, kick and wriggle when asleep, without kicking off or slipping down loose and cumbersome covers while always retaining a comfortable, constant, body temperature

Babies naturally generate heat when in their sleep sack however, steady core temperature is maintained by ventilating through their arms and head.

To ensure the correct sleeping temperature simply adjust your baby’s nightwear. In the summer short sleeve body suit might suffice or in the cooler weather an additional top would be fine.

Remember no more sheets, blankets, duvets or any other bedcovers.

You will soon get used to using sleeping bags and start to enjoy more sleep for the entire family.

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