In their Kiddy Kaboosh sleeping bag a baby’s feet should reach around 50% to 80% down the length of the bag. This allows babies and toddlers lots of space to wriggle and turn while maintaining a stable body temperature.

We offer a range of four sizes from birth up to 6 years

  • Size 1. 70cm long & fits from newborn (approx. 3.5 kg) up to 6 months.
  • Size 1 has an additional underarm snap closure for smaller babies
  • Size 2. 90 cm long fits from 6 months up to approx.18 months
  • Size 3. 110cm long fits from 12 months up to 2 years and to fit up to 3 years when extended
  • Size 4. 130 cm long and fits from 3 years up to approx. 6 years

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