Tog rating is simply a scale which measures ‘thermal resistance’ and indicates the degree of warmth you should expect from your sleeping bag; the higher the tog of the sleeping bag the warmer your baby will be.

To make TOG simpler to understand we have developed four weights which will suit all climates, nursery temperatures and conditions

  • STANDARD WEIGHT – The standard weight sleeping bag is approx. 2.5 tog.  This tog will suit most European climates throughout the year when your baby’s nursery temperature is 18º – 21º and is by far the most popular thickness.
  • SUMMER WEIGHT – This bag is tested to approx. 1 tog and has a lightweight padding which is ideal for warmer summer nights when temperatures are around 21º – 24º. Summer weight sleeping bags are ideal for daytime naps and holidays
  • WINTER WEIGHT – the winter weight sleeping bag has a heavier padding and is tested to approx. 3.5 tog ; ideal for use when nursery temperatures drop to below 18º
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – This sleeping bag is approx. 0.5 tog and has no inner padding and is for use on hot summer nights or when holidaying in warmer climates when temperature rise above 24º.
  • The light weight sleeping bag is also ideal for daytime summer naps

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