Probably our grandparents had never heard of the word TOG. It is also a pretty good chance that most of us do not really understand what it means or how it works.

We have certainly got used to seeing the numbers on duvets and bedding and we do perhaps understand that 13.5 tog is heavier and warmer than 10.5 tog!

The term began to appear on duvets and continental quilts in the 1970s. Quilts and duvets were not too common in the UK at that time; most of us slept under good old sheets and blankets with possibly an eiderdown as extra weight in the depths of winter. Who remembers electric blankets and hot water bottles?

Many of us therefore accepted that ‘TOG’ was a term which originated in Europe and in particular Scandinavia – Wrong!

It might come as a surprise to learn that it is a very British idea developed in a Manchester institute, as early as the 1940s and is still not widely understood in Europe even today.

TOG is a measuring method of ‘thermal resistance’ or a simple scale of how quickly heat passes through fabrics and clothing. The name, it is thought, comes from the informal word TOGS for clothing.

The TOG ratings we are familiar seeing on bedding, range from around 4 tog for summer lightweight up to perhaps 13 or 14 tog for cold winter nights.

When it comes to Baby Sleeping Bags we have to be much more precise with our togs and weights.

When an adult gets too hot or cold during the night we can stick out a leg or arm; throw part of the duvet off for a time or even open a window. If we are too chilly we can pull the duvet closer and snuggle down…………babies cannot do any of these heat adjusting antics.

Baby Sleeping Bags are designed to enclose the child in a pod or cocoon. The size and shape of the sleeping bag allows the baby to wriggle, move and turn while still maintaining comfortable and safe body heat. To keep the constant core temperature baby ventilates and cools through their exposed arms and head.

Kiddy Kaboosh have a simple way of taking the mystery out of togs!

That is to rename the three alternative ‘weights’ as:-

Summer Weight – these bags are approx. 1 tog and should be used when the room temperature is above around 20℃

This weight is also a great idea for daytime naps or longer journeys in the car.

Standard or Medium Weight – these bags are approx. 2.5 tog and can be used all year but as a guide when the temperature is around 15 – 20℃

This weight of sleeping bag is by far the most practical and can be used in all but extreme temperatures

Winter Weight – is approx. 3.5 tog and should be used when the nursery temperature drops below 15℃

Please remember normal night wear and a sleeping bag is all your baby need – DO NOT USE ANY FURTHER COVERS.

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