Like so many pieces of great advice it’s ‘easy to say but difficult to achieve’.

We all lead busy lives and there is so much going on. Just when you are trying to get baby settled there is – noisy siblings, doting daddy, supper to prepare, television, social media and so on; and many other reasons to delay or rush this, the most important, part of the day.

Believe me a little time invested now will, in the long term, be good for you, your baby and all the family.

Allow time

The pre-bedtime routine can take over an hour so make sure you have allocated time. Prepare the last feed in advance and run the bath to save doing these jobs ‘one handed’ with baby in a state of undress.


Try to ensure the room where baby is to sleep is at a good comfortable temperature; around 18 to 20 degrees is about right.

Kiddy Kaboosh supply a room thermometer with every sleeping bag. Keep the thermometer away from any sunny windows or heaters as this might give you an incorrect reading.

Keep the nursery shaded as this helps to relax baby. If you have a room which in the summer has direct sunlight then the Kiddy Kaboosh blackout blind will be a help.

Bath time

All babies love to bath when they can kick and play freely with no restricting nappy and clothes.

The water should be warm, not hot and shallow, not above the belly button

A few toys are a good idea but make sure baby does not get over excited.

Dry, Dress and Cuddle

As well as drying baby after bath now is a good time to give some real tactile TLC. Perhaps a little quiet music (no ‘phones or devices please) and a nursery rhyme will help create calm and relaxed environment. Try to complete this in baby’s room when the light is low and the room is quiet.

Now is the time to dress baby in his Kiddy Kaboosh sleeping bag.

They will begin to associate their familiar sleep sack to bed time and sleep time.

Just a tip, it is good to have at least two sleeping bags to allow for washing and hygiene.

Last Feed

Whether breast or bottle, this must be a relaxed time when baby gets to know it’s now time to sleep. This is a great opportunity to tell a ‘good night’ story. The same story or lullaby each night helps to associate baby with sleep.

Give baby time to wind and settle his supper – not too much tickling and giggling please!

….and so to bed

Lay baby gently in the cot with one favourite soft toy or comforter. Then a final good night kiss.

Of course it will not be easy but do persevere, it’s worth it.

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