Portable Blackout Blinds

Our stylish portable children’s blackout blinds are the perfect solution for creating a dark, cosy room on early sunlit mornings and bright nights. Getting your little one off to sleep in the summer months can be difficult when daylight is streaming in the room.

Our handy portable blackout blinds block out any natural light to ensure your child’s sleep isn’t disturbed. They are a great option if your child is a light sleeper or simply to keep sunlight out of the bedtime routine during the summer months when it doesn’t get dark until much later.

Our easy to install portable blackout blinds can be used in any room at any time of day, ensuring your little ones can take a nap whenever they need it.

Our portable blinds come in a cute kid’s design and are easy to resize to fit different sized windows. The blind is really easy to install and packs into a handy travel bag, which makes it perfect for home, nurseries, holidays, travelling and family visits.

Get your kids sleeping better with Kiddy Kaboosh. We also have a range of snug sleeping bags for all seasons to help your little ones get a comfortable and cosy night’s rest.

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    Portable Blackout Blind

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