After a long dark winter, Spring is finally here; the clocks have changed, lambs are frisking in the fields and we are looking forward to a beautiful sunny summer!

That’s all very well but the sun will still be high in the sky in the early evening just when you are desperately trying to convince your little ones it’s time for bed and it is still bright and sunny until around 9 o’clock!

What is more the sun now rises at an unearthly hour in the morning just when you and the family are in your cosy beds trying to make the most of that elusive gift – undisturbed sleep!

Although we all love the sun it can be a real problem when it comes to nursery routine especially when the children’s rooms face South, West or East. Bright sunshine makes the nursery not only too bright but also too warm for a quiet relaxed bedtime routine. In the morning the sun rises in the West toddlers understandably believe it is daytime and they are ready for fun, food and frolics.

Most experts advise that baby and young toddler’s bedrooms should be cool and shaded helping to create a calm, peaceful environment for bedtime.

We have even found too much light a problem in the winter; living in a built up urban area we have bright street lights and traffic to contend with at baby’s bedtime.

Kiddy Kaboosh have come up with a brilliant solution with their range of temporary and portable Black Out Blinds.

The blind affixes to glass windows with a simple rubber sucker and each blind is adjusted to the window size with a series of snaps which create a ruched effect

 Blackout Blinds come in three sizes to satisfy most window sizes. The smallest size is sold in a pack of two for smaller windows.

The Kiddy Kaboosh blind is prettily printed with adorable little characters which your kids will love.

Each Blackout blind comes with full, easy to follow instructions and is easily folded and slipped into its own portable carrying bag.

The great news is you can now take your blackout blind whenever you are away for the night or on holiday and you will be ready to face the unexpected glare of the sun.

The smaller sizes are ideal for caravans, static holiday homes and chalets,
Kiddy Kaboosh Blackout Blind is a simple answer to a frustrating problem.

What could be better – baby peacefully asleep while Mum and Dad enjoy a ‘sundowner’ before supper?

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