21st Century families are certainly more mobile than at any time in history and, of course, whenever we travel, baby comes too!

Whether it’s sleepovers, visits to grandparents, holidays, days out, shopping, nursey school or the daily trip with siblings to ‘big’ school, baby MUST be considered and kept safe and secure.

Kiddy Kaboosh TRAVEL sleeping bags are the perfect solution.
The bag has a clever opening at the back. The usual car and buggy harness simply passes through this ‘slot’ – under baby’s legs, and is fastened at the front in the usual way. Each bag has a two way zip to
snuggly close the bag at the front; now you are ready to go. When you are not travelling the harness slot is easily closed with soft Velcro and can used as a conventional sleep sack.

It is a mysterious fact that even the most difficult sleepers seem nod off instantly on a car journey. However, when that journey is over, we have to take a peacefully sleeping baby out of the car, undress them and try to get, a now distressed, miserable child back to sleep.

Now wouldn’t it be a good idea to prepare your baby for bed before the journey? Dress your baby in his usual night clothes and slip on a Kiddy Kaboosh Travel Sleeping Bag. When you reach home baby is simply transferred to its cot or bed with the minimum amount of disturbance, warm, cosy and secure

 The Kiddy Kaboosh travel bag is made in all three sizes from 3 month up to 6 years…………………sweet dreams !

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